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EZRage Staff

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EZRage is one of the few CSGO skin coinflip and jackpot sites still in operation to this day. Games are provably fair proven and users can check the past history of games played. Unfortunately, EZRage does not support CSGO skin deposits, so users are limited to depositing with crypto like ethereum or card payments.

EZRAGE.COM – Yes, EZRage is legitimate.

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EZRage affiliate code: limit

+5% on your deposits

use promotional code limit

Why choose EZRage ?

  • Frequent large jackpot pot
  • Supports registration from most countries
  • Fast and Instant withdraw
  • Coinflip games filled quickly
  • Receive 5% extra to any deposit

EZRage Reviews

they use, means they are 100% provably fair.

EZRage Jackpot

Yes the site itself is legit, they have a great diversity of cases and one of the fastest Instant Withdrawal experiences I’ve had in a while.

EZRage Promo Code

Its amazing even if you are a free player you just need a promo code! Here’s one to get you started: limit

EZRage Affiliate Code

Games are provably fair proven and users can check past game history.

Enjoy EZRage

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