Daniel Negreanu wanting to feed a dude’s teeth anally

Millionaire Poker Pro Has Violent Meltdown And Wears Blackface

Daniel Negreanu joined the millions of online players who have lost the plot when faced with a disconnection mid-hand – shouting, cursing and threatening all sorts of violence on the gods of poker software!

Some of Negreanu Quotes

Fucks the pro

Daniel Negreanu

Fuck you in the ass

Daniel Negreanu

Break your teeth and feed them to you anally

Daniel Negreanu

How Negreanu Epic Meltdown Begin ?

That’s how DNegs started his unexpected and at times hilarious reaction to being disconnected from play in event 10 of the 2020 WSOP online schedule, the $600 Monster Stack.

Negreanu took to Twitter to check if it was just him or a wider problem with the software…

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